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Brandon Plunkett‍‍‍‍‍‍
Dakota Pool‍‍‍
Mike Self

Brandon Plunkett – Founder

My Father was a great man, he started me out young in the outdoors, and it was a blessing to me to spend the time with him I got too. Still to this day, rifle season is not the same without him; that was our time.  That is what I want to push to my four children and wife; sometimes it’s the simple things that create a memory of a lifetime.

I started “All Seasons Pursuit” with the drive and the dream to have that hunting show that is about the normal person and their drive to enjoy Gods creation, the Outdoors. It took years to develop a team I could trust and could work with and after all the searching, I got what I wanted.  I got a team that is dedicated to the outdoors, doing it all the right way, fair chase and becoming a family.

Please enjoy for years to come “All Seasons Pursuit” we know we will open your eyes. Thanks for everyone who has made it possible, this is for all of our families, sponsors and friends.

Yours Truly,

Brandon Plunkett

Dakota pool

I was brought up hunting and fishing my whole childhood while my Father taught me the ways of becoming an ethical hunter. While chasing long beards at sunrise or listening for the first gobble of the morning or spending those most memorable moments in the frosty mornings of November while waiting on that perfect opportunity to harvest that amazing animal we call the whitetail deer. I feel my dad is proud of the man and hunter I have become today because of the values he endowed in me.

Lindsey Yohe

Todd Yohe

Todd Yohe

Todd was born and raised in Madison, Mo. where he began hunting at a young age with his father, grandfather and uncle.  As an avid outdoorsman, Todd has a passion for hunting and has passed that along to his daughter Lindsey who is also a member of All Season’s Pursuit. 

Todd enjoys bow and rifle hunting, including annual trips to Canada to bear hunt.  Todd feels blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of All season’s Pursuit and pass along to others his love and knowledge of the outdoors and hunting.  Todd knows his father would be proud of his accomplishments.